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About the Book

About the Book

The Stewardship Playbook will push you past your comfort zone to embrace a life devoted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Are you competing for God's glory to the best of your abilities?

The Stewardship


Once we accept Jesus as our Savior, the next step is to allow Him to be our Lord—in every area and arena of life. God’s character tests appear to whip us into spiritual shape, fit for the stewardship call of duty. The objective behind character tests is twofold—to produce more Holy-Spirit cultivated fruit and to draw closer to our Jewish Messiah.

The Stewardship


We get one shot at stewardship on this side of eternity, managing and investing the resources God the Father has entrusted us to handle with diligence and care. Once our time on earth expires, we won’t have another chance to make a play with the stewardship ball. What’s next for us? The judgment seat of Christ and the examination of our stewarding record.

The Stewardship


A Christ-centered life is the essence of discipleship. We must lay down our time, talents, temperament, temple, and treasures at the feet of our Coach and Rightful Owner, the Lord Jesus. The Word of God is our game plan to carry out our life and ministry assignments. Diligent practice as faithful stewards won’t ever make us perfect. However, it does guarantee us a roster spot on the winning team because of our commitment to personal brokenness and spiritual wholeness for the sake of Christ.

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Stewardship of Time

How we manage or misuse time speaks volumes about our commitment to discipleship.


Stewardship of Talents

How we develop our talents speaks volumes about our efforts in carrying out a life or ministry assignment.


Stewardship of Temperament

How we handle our temperament speaks volumes about our ability to navigate a rocky, emotional terrain.


Stewardship of Temple

How we take care of or neglect our temple speaks volumes about what we put in, put on, and put our bodies through.


Stewardship of Treasures

How we oversee our treasures speaks volumes about the relationship we have with money and material possessions.

Why The Stewardship Playbook?

Faithful stewardship involves more than just the management of God’s possessions and resources. A whole lot more. The Lord also wants a return on His investment—everything that He has entrusted to us.

  • Our Time

  • Our Talents

  • Our Children

  • Our Marriage

  • Our Career

  • Our Business

  • Our Paychecks and Financial Assets

  • Our Emotions

  • Our Taste Buds

  • Our Bodies

"Whatever Jesus is not Lord over, He is not responsible for."

–Lawrence Funderburke