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Chapter Six


The brain is the most important type of muscle (technically, it’s an organ) in our body. It must be exercised diligently and consistently to stay sharp and stay sane in a world where losing our minds is so easy to do. And spiritual exercise is most needed today to deflect the enemy’s fiery darts from sapping our energy reserves.

Spiritual fitness is not optional; it’s required to prevent us from becoming out-of-shape saints. Please don’t take this exercise responsibility lightly. We’re at war!

The mind is where spiritual warfare is being waged in the earthly realm, and where our artistry for the Lord in developing ministry- assigned geniuses will be ruthlessly attacked.

The development of perfect gifts is a major assault on the kingdom of darkness. The devil doesn’t go after people who aren’t a threat to his kingdom; they’re already in his camp. Put on the Armor of Christ and get ready for spiritual training camp because the devil and his minions are coming after you!

Staying armored up in Jesus will be critical to the proper development of your ministry geniuses. You will not be able to muster enough strength to carry out your assignment without the right battle gear (see Ephesians 6:10–18). And staying in spiritual shape will ensure your perfect gift is being perfectly utilized for God’s perfected glory. Now, to spiritual training camp, a conditioning routine like no other.